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Deep within this Hold are secrets and wonders challenging the imagination. The Ebon Circle spent multiple lifetimes taking by wit and force those things of their gods, the Dingiir. Forbidden to humanity, the Ebon Circle Champions, their Kabiri and Kiuri’Ner companions placed the wonders of the gods in the Circle’s secret places, these robustly secured and stoutly defended Holds, where their hordes remains protected. It is legend that in the grand Hold is great knowledge of things past –  tombs of knowledge providing light and insight of the forgotten worlds and civilizations of earth, wonderous beasts and fierce dinosaurs, heroes and villains and tyrants and more, and deadly objects. These objects: rare and deadly weapons made by the hands of gods, instruments and items of power…both technological and of the Agni, raw materials…Nizi’barzil (Blue Steel), Husa’barzil (Red Steel), and Mahbi’barzil (Black Steel), and the most terrifying and horrifically dangerous…Agni Stones are kept from unworthy hands. Take the greatest care exploring the innards of this Hold, what you find may well be your end. If you are already registered, click the tomb icon above to enter the Primeval Origins Knowledge Base. To gain access to the secret knowledge and objects within this Hold, you must join the Ebon Circle…to be known and to know them and their cause by registering below.  

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