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Celestial Hall Archives

Marvels of technology from the hands of the extremely ancient Apsu, progenitors of the Dingiir gods, their Celestial Halls…great pyramid vessels with inter-dimensional cores meant to take-up many trillions of beings and life from planetary domains and deposit them where the Apsu saw fit, projected the Apsu’s influence across the cosmos. Powered by mysterious Agni Stones, these cores encased in mahbi’barzil (black steel) were made whole with Winds and Thrones attached, immense pyramids vessels in their own rights made of nizi’barzil (blue steel) and husa’barzil (red steel) and also powered and controlled by Agni Stones. These Celestial Halls were the terrors of the universe as they altered and ended civilizations wherever they went. The Apsu, now lost to time and memories, let loose the Celestial Halls to roam without restraints throughout the cosmos collecting information of stars and planets and more, building colossal archives of knowledge in their travels. Only the angelic hosts now know of these Celestial Halls and their pathways through the stars using them as both minor heavens of sanctuary and places to access the great knowledge within. Now, the angelic host have made part of the whole of the Akashic Record, the knowledge within these Celestial Halls, available to humanity accessible by those with the curiosity, courage, and the willingness to learn with open minds. The great wonders of knowledge contained within these archives continues to grow as collected knowledge from all sources is absorbed into the Akashic.

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