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Primeval Origins: Paths of Anguish (Book 1 in the Blue Steel Epic)

To save the future, they must suffer the past!

A Multiple-Award-Winning Epic Science Fantasy Saga like no other!

An action-filled YA Science Fiction / Epic Fantasy adventure series written for teens, young adults, and adults of all ages!

Our ancient undiscovered history filled with Ageless Tyrannies, Brutal Beasts, Deadly Dinosaurs, Forgotten Gods, and Heroic Hearts pitted in the timeless Battle against Ancient Powers of Old and Legend, fighting for Our Eternal Souls.

Answering the question…

What if ALL our Myths and Legends are True?

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Explore the worlds of Primeval Origins®.

Book Series winning 41 Awards and Honors! A story 65 million years in the making where Jurassic Park meets Stargate SG 1!

AWARDS and HONORS: Book winning 11 literary awards!

  • Winner – Young Adult Book of the Year, 2014/2015 Reader Views Literary Awards
  • Finalist – Fantasy Book of the Year, Readers Favorite 2016 Book Awards
  • Finalist – Fantasy Book of the Year, 2016 International Book Awards Distinguished
  • Distinguished Favorite – Epic Fantasy Book of the Year, 2017 Independent Press Awards
  • Winner – Fantasy Book of the Year, 2017 New York City Big Book Awards
  • Winner – Science Fantasy – Winter 2018 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE)
  • Winner (Silver) – 2021 Literary Titan Book Awards
  • Finalist – Action/Adventure 2022 Book of the Year Award, Independent Author Network
  • Finalist – Multiple Categories, 2023 Global Book Awards
  • Winner (Silver) – Epic Fantasy, 2023 Global Book Awards
  • Winner (Gold) – Coming of Age, 2023 Global Book Awards

She scoffs at the legends of long-ago civilizations. He grew up battling deadly dinosaurs. When their lifelines intersect, can Nikki and Rogaan survive humanity’s genesis and the deliverers of Providence in our apocalyptic end times…the Four Horsemen…gripped in the forever battle for Our Eternal Souls?

Bolivia, 2080s. Nikki Ricks dedicates her life to scientific truth. So when the book-smart graduate student discovers a perfectly preserved blue-steel sword among the fossilized bones of a Cretaceous-era dinosaur, she struggles to accept what should be an anachronism. And when the ground gives way, she finds herself plunged into the memories of a prehistoric young man.

65 million years BC. Rogaan yearns to claim a place among his tribe’s heroes. Already a skilled archer and metalsmith, he chafes at his father forbidding him from his planned foray into adulthood by joining the town hunt. Defying his family’s command and going anyway, the brash would-be warrior reveals a forbidden weapon… and draws the attention of an assassin.

With Nikki torn between her physical body and her metaphysical mental journey, she grapples to hold on to the logic of reality… despite a fierce conviction that a mystical doomsday is looming. And as Rogaan fights to dodge death from a powerful sect, he realizes the world is more complex and dangerous than his wildest imaginings.

Are the tangled senses of this strange pair fated to bring about the end of mankind?

In this meticulously researched tapestry of legends, B.A. Vonsik entwines humanity’s mythologies, scientific discoveries, and religious wisdoms into a seamless whole. Cleverly contrasting modern research with ancient knowledge, this multiple-award-winning novel will leave you breathless and questioning as you delve into its intricacies.

Primeval Origins: Paths of Anguish is the visionary first book in the Primeval Origins Epic Saga of science fantasy adventures. If you like prehistoric heroes, high-technology foes, fast-paced thrills, and hidden truths, then you’ll love B.A. Vonsik’s apocalyptic legend.

Buy Primeval Origins: Paths of Anguish to wield the secrets of the ages today!

Back of the Book

Myths and Legends…just fables and fantasies for those taught to scoff at them is understood, as I was taught when a graduate student in the sciences; scorn and ridicule the forbidden. Myths are just…myths. Legends are just…legends. Then, I discovered different, in a South American dig where my life went upside down after finding what should not be with what we thought we knew so much about.

My consciousness, my Light, plunged through a maelstrom bound to those of our undiscovered history. I witnessed through the eyes of ancient warriors, Rogaan and others, a wondrous human civilization of old, grand beasts and dinosaurs, and celestial gods of myth in what the modern Hopi and Maya branded our First World-Age. An age deep in blood and conflict born of gods and new man covetous of true powers and self-motivations loosing upon their world tyrannies, energy forces…sorceries, and abominations affronting Creation. Sealing the fates of the age, sword-messengers, warrior angels, risen new to bring forth the Harbinger of Creation’s Judgments, slayers of civilizations…both of men and gods, the Horsemen.

I am bound to them. In the here and now, standing at the precipice at the end of mankind’s Fourth World-Age, I fear what is to come from the others…the Horsemen of Prophecy. And yet, I have hope for what follows. As our ancients did in tablets of clay teaching us our undiscovered past, I Nikki, now share these steel bound epics with you before the sounding of the trumpets.

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