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Latest Update on the Primeval Origins Epic Saga.

To everyone… all 21,000+ of you signed in on and liking the Primeval Origins Facebook page and Followers/Fans on Goodreads,
I, and our small Celestial Fury Publishing (CFP) team, are busy revamping the Primeval Origins® publishing and marketing approaches. Being what is called “narrow” as an indie author has left Primeval Origins® (PO) suffering at the Amazon and Google algorithms making it very difficult to provide awareness of PO happenings and products to all of you and to introduce PO to new folks that would find the multi-genre story enjoyable. We’re currently revamping our websites, tools, and email list to make PO “wide” in both availability and in our marketing. It is taking a little time to make the changes, but we are certain all of you will really like the new path that will include more and quicker to publish books, games associated with PO, and other items such as art, both 2D and 3D. More to come on our progress and results.
In the mean time, I’d like to update everyone on the latest accumulation of awards and honors for the Primeval Origins® Epic Saga.
Paths of Anguish, Book #1 in the Blue Steel Epic Chronicles just won three more awards in the 2023 Global Book Awards:
Winner (Gold) – Coming of Age Fantasy category
Winner (Silver) – Epic Fantasy category
Finalist– In both of the above categories.
We’re up to 41 awards total in this Science Fantasy series.
– Paths of Anguish (Bk 1) – 11
– Light of Honor (Bk 2) – 11
– Rise of Serpents (Bk 3) – 19
Link to the Global Book Awards is below:
Book 4 is about 40% written. Book 4 will complete this Primeval Origins® chronicle, the science fantasy story captured in the Blue Steel Epics. The Red Steel Epics will follow in the continuation of the both the future and ancient creation myth stories. The book title and cover art will be unveiled soon.
A science fiction novella is 90% complete, in editing, with the book cover elements being finalized. This 33,000 word story takes place in the Primeval Origins® universe, at the future time of book 2’s prologue and epilogue from the point of view of the crew of the U.S.S. Spartan space ship in mankind’s Solar Warden fleet. It’s a cool story loaded with speculative science and political intrigue extending the Blue Steel Epics chronicles future story, and fan understandings of the story, in a more science fiction setting. The novella title and book cover will also be unveiled soon.
That’s it for the moment on updates. I want all of you… our loyal fans and curiously interested to know you are deeply appreciated. I and the CFP team are excited about the future we are creating for everyone. A lot more is yet to come.
Your author and Creator of the Primeval Origins® Epic Saga
B.A. Vonsik
P.S. Links to where you can buy the books is below starting with Paths of Anguish

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