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Summer Blowout! Primeval Origins: Paths of Anguish Kindle!

Primeval Origins: Paths of Anguish Summer Blowout! Now through Aug 3rd (Kindle) A multiple award-winning Epic Science Fantasy Saga like no other! Promotion: Goodreads: A saga born of our oldest mythologies and deepest past from our undiscovered and unacknowledged history. Experienced through the eyes of Nikki, a young archeology-paleontology graduate student…the Primeval Origins saga sends her world through the tumultuous tempest of time filled with brutal beasts, dangerous dinosaurs, and petulant gods as our past and future are revealed. A journey to 65 million years ago, revealing the origins of us, in the civilization of First Man on earth, battling their gods for their right to exist in a telling of our oldest creation myths. Nikki’s ancient experiences merge with our future as the angelic hierarchy is born of the First Angels in our deep primeval history and giving rise to the beings of God’s hand of destruction in our end days to come. Embark on this ancient journey with book #1! Winner of 34 literary awards and honors, Primeval Origins® is a science fantasy epic saga like no other! To learn more, go to the Kindle link above, the Goodreads link above, and the Primeval Origins website. Hurry…buy before the world ends!

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