Book 3 in the Primeval Origins Epic Saga - Update - Primeval Origins

Book 3 in the Primeval Origins Epic Saga – Update

From the author of Primeval Origins, I apologize to my fans for the delay in getting Book 3 into your hands. Some of the delay is due to the demands of my day job, but much is due to new information being discovered and published in the fields of archeology and the other sciences. Book 3 is set to reveal a larger story including gods from our undiscovered history…though, new information has allowed me to revise some of the history I’ve researched and assembled for the Primeval Origins story. Much of the new information is meshing in seamlessly with the human and Anunnaki histories on earth already included, but some require a little educated guesswork to get as accurate as possible before the story elements are modified to the revised history. A lot of re-research has been done and writing to finish Book 3 is about to restart with the updated story including the ancient god character of Seth/Enshag (a teaser/spoiler for all of you). I thank all you for your loyalty and patience. BA Vonsik

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